7 Amazon devices that make your home smarter


Amazon smart home


One of the biggest gifts technology gives us is convenience. In the past, creating a smart home system required professional installation (and possibly refurbishment), but now you only need the right device, smartphone and WiFi connection.

Fortunately, Amazon offers a wide range of smart devices and accessories. Just tap your Alexa app to make your home smarter. Want to wake up in the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Upgrade your old coffee machine with a smart plug. Tired of going back to the cold, dark house? Have Alexa turn on the lights and turn up the temperature while you’re on the way. Expect delivery when you leave town? Use the visual doorbell to tell the Amazon driver where to store the package.

If this more streamlined lifestyle appeals to you, read on to find some of Amazon’s best smart home devices, all under $80.

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Amazon smart plug

Even if you don’t think you’re particularly proficient in technology, Amazon’s easy-to-use smart plug is an excellent entry-level smart device. All you need is a socket, your smartphone and any device with an on / off switch. Smart plugs are suitable for everything from lights to vertical fans, humidifiers, even Christmas tree lights and coffee machines.

Simple setting; Add the smart plug to any outlet, plug in the device and connect using the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Look! Now, you can use the application to control the device, or if you have a smart home hub, you can use simple voice commands. You can even set up routines for appliances connected to the smart plug so that you can wake up with freshly brewed coffee and turn on the light after going down the mountain every day.

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Amazon smart devices

Amazon smart thermostat

Amazon cooperates with Honeywell home to build this energy star certified smart thermostat. In addition to saving you on utilities, the smart thermostat also allows you to control the temperature in your home, set up daily activities and monitor indoor humidity levels. You can also use Alexa hunches, which allows Alexa to choose to predict the temperature you want and when based on your usage history.

If you want to install your smart thermostat professionally, you can hire someone from Amazon home services or call your local HVAC technician. This thermostat is suitable for most 24V HVAC systems, but not for 110-240V HVAC systems, so be sure to confirm that your thermostat is compatible before clicking the “buy now” button.

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Amazon smart devices

Ring video doorbell with ring ring ring

The visual doorbell is a game changer. It is affordable, easy to install and use, and can also be used as a basic family safety system. Once the ring in the front of your smartphone is disconnected, you can view everything necessary (including the ring in the front of your smartphone) and connect it to the door. The motion detection alarm lets you know that you have visitors before they ring the doorbell, and the two-way call function allows you to “answer” your door remotely. If you’re not near your phone or tablet, don’t worry. This bell box acts as a traditional doorbell notification and can be plugged into any socket in your home. Using chime as an accessory, you can use ring without giving up the doorbell.

If you are waiting for a package, but the package is not at home when it arrives, you will be notified immediately when the package arrives at your door, which helps prevent the package from being stolen You can also have non-contact interaction with visitors, neighbors and delivery drivers. At night, the motion sensor will remind you of possible intruders and give you more time to ask for help. If you purchase a ring protect plan subscription, you can record videos, view videos for up to 60 days, and save and share videos.


Amazon smart devices

Amazon echo point

This ECHO smart home hub, first of all, is a speaker that can play music, podcasts or audio books from cooperative streaming services, including spotify, apple music, Sirius XM, Pandora and audible. Pair it with any Amazon compatible device – including a smart plug or smart thermostat – and use the Alexa assistant to use voice prompts to control your lighting, HVAC system and other connected devices.

Other cool features of Amazon echo dot are Alexa guard and Amazon kids, both of which can be provided to echo dot users free of charge through the Alexa application. Alexa guard can detect problematic noises, such as smoke alarms and broken glass, and alert you accordingly through the app’s mobile alarm. Amazon kids gives parents access to parental controls, filters out explicit songs from active playlists, blocks the ability to shop online, and provides child appropriate answers to questions posed to Alexa.

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Amazon smart devices

Alexa smart switch

Enable Alexa to make your lighting smarter, turn lights on and off, set timers and schedules, and even set up a group to coordinate lighting preferences, all through the smartlife application.

The product can also be voice activated on Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. You can buy one, two or three packs of Alexa smart switches. One thing to note: this type of smart device supports 2.4 GHz Wi Fi connection (check the type of home Wi Fi connection you have) and is not compatible with three-way or multiple on-off lights.


Amazon smart devices

Blink outdoors

The best thing about this smart home security camera is that it doesn’t need to be installed at all. The blink of an eye runs outdoors on batteries that last two years, can be installed anywhere (even in trees), and can withstand most types of weather conditions. After setting up, you can use the blink home monitor app to view the coming and going of your property on your smartphone. Another important feature of the device is its speakers and microphone, so you can communicate with visitors outside your home when using the real-time features on the application.

The blink application allows users to customize alerts by selecting “private areas” and “active areas” within their scope, which is particularly useful if you live on busy streets or in shared buildings where people often go in and out.


Amazon smart devices

Amazon fire TV stick 4K Max

Whether you want to upgrade your old TV or bring a more theater level viewing experience to your smart TV, fire TV stick 4K Max provides fast streaming speed, high-quality picture and voice control in a fashionable package. It is compatible with dozens of entertainment and music platforms, including prime video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, Disney +, peacock, Apple TV +, etc. If you have a specific program, just ask Alexa to pull it up.

This Amazon streaming device is also compatible with other electronic products that provide real-time information in your home. Use live view picture in picture feeds to check your front door camera or baby monitor video feeds without pausing the TV show or movie you’re watching. Sync it with a compatible Amazon echo device for a truly immersive gaming experience.


Amazon smart devices

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