Dyson’s facial tool has just been launched and has replaced all my other skin care devices


Dyson’s facial tool has just been launched and has replaced all my other skin care devices


Last week, I sat on my mobile phone and repressed the impulse to post a series of stories about theraface pro (therabody’s new facial tool and skin care device) on instagram. I’ve been experimenting with this product for several days. I like it very much. I really want to share this news with anyone willing to read, see or listen, but it’s still a secret Now I can share this information across the Internet because therabody’s incredibly impressive device is now online and available for purchase.

Theraface Pro is to skin care devices what Dyson airwrap and supersonic are to hair care devices – it’s the new platinum standard and all similar products will be compared with it in the foreseeable future. This is because of its futuristic design, cutting-edge brands and high price ($399), and the way theraface is replacing – I won’t lie to you – at least six facial tools.

Here are the details: theraface is a cleanser, impact therapy, micro current device with cold ring, hot ring, blue light, red light and infrared light. (wow).


Therabody theraface Pro device


Buy now: $399; therabody. com

This device has many functions, so please wait patiently for me to explain its almost endless functions. For everything except led circles, clicking the wave button will enhance up to three levels of each treatment. For LED lights, clicking the round button will change you from red light to blue, from blue to red and infrared, rather than changing the intensity.

The first treatment is pulse therapy. If you have ever used theragun, you may be familiar with this pulsatile vibration therapy. It has three heads, all of which have the above adjustable strength. This method can increase blood circulation and relieve facial tension (which is a great advantage if you keep biting your chin like me). This function effectively replaces the vibrating rod and rod.

Then, there was a cleansing brush that I hesitated to use – I still left emotional scars in the clarisonic era (RIP), but the brush was rubber and pulsating, not og’s rotating movement, which I think avoided irritation and micro skin tears I was afraid of. I use it once a week at the lowest setting to remove clogged pores on my forehead and chin.

LED lights are one of my favorite things, but the necessary tools are often too expensive. For example, Dr. Dennis gross’s LED mask costs $435 – more than theraface… A lot of things. Red light reduces wrinkles, blue light subsides and prevents acne, and infrared accelerates healing.

Micro current facial devices have become commonplace, but again, they can be expensive, between $200 and $500 Theraface has a magnetically connected micro current head and a conductive surface gel. It is said that the frequent use of micro current devices can enhance elasticity, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase the production of collagen, improve facial contour and so on.

That’s all that comes with theraface, although you can buy a $100 surcharge, including hot and cold rings. Cold rings, like any cold tool, can reduce swelling and redness, while warm rings can control pain, tension and inflammation – unlike any other skin care tool I have.

So, yes, $399 is not a small amount, but even so, it still costs less than some tools with only one function. All magnetic heads on theraface can be magnetic snap, which is very simple to use, and even some accessories can be combined, so you can create a fully customized routine.

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