Five kitchen color trends recommended by designers for 2022 and beyond


Choosing a kitchen color feels like a major commitment. The kitchen is a space used by the whole family every day. It is not as easy to change as the bedroom or living room. It can usually be redecorated or repainted within a few hours. In the kitchen, cabinets, walls, countertops, appliances, floors and tailgate tiles are gathered together to form a cohesive palette, so your color choice has a certain weight. For most people, it is not feasible to transform every time the latest fashion changes, but you can believe that some kitchen color trends will not disappear soon.

We hired several interior designers to determine the colors they are currently focusing on, and their choices provide a lot of eternal inspiration. “We see people moving away from all white kitchens to bold and adventurous cabinets,” said Kelly Scheer, an Austin designer at Scheer & Co. “these designers love the trend of kitchen color in 2022 and beyond.


Hector Sanchez

1. Green plants inspired by nature

Green is a necessary color trend that everyone is discussing in 2022, and it is expected to be particularly popular in cooking space. “Because green exists in nature, it is a safe and eternal color that can be added to your kitchen,” said Tara Miller of the heartland interior design, based in Omaha. She expects that this year, the kitchen will appear in various colors from dark emerald to soft mouse tail grass, especially on the cabinets where the green paint color can really shine.

Recommended paint color: dry thyme SW 6186, Sherwin Williams


Light yellow Strickland

2. Bold black

“This year, black will definitely enter the kitchen as a ‘popular’ color,” said Shaolin low, a Hawaiian designer at Shaolin studio. She suggested using bold colors like black on the island instead of painting the whole kitchen. Or consider darkening the lower cabinet while keeping the upper cabinet bright. Using black as an accent requires less commitment, but statements can still be made.

Recommended paint color: gray black 57, Farrow & Ball


David A. Rand

3. Warm up grey

“I definitely think gray is the new white,” said Kristen Frum, a California designer This brownish gray has kept pace with the warming trend. Over the past few years, we have seen that as people look for neutral colors that feel comfortable rather than refreshing. Warm gray provides more depth and interest than pure white, while maintaining the versatility that makes neutral colors so popular in the kitchen.

Recommended paint color: pleasant grey SW 7029, Sherwin Williams


John Gruen

4. Sunny yellow

Philadelphia designer Libby rawes likes the Yellow kitchen because it looks “fresh and different”. This kitchen color trend adds warmth and pleasure to the kitchen, but you don’t have to concentrate on using yellow to achieve the brightening effect. “I’ve seen yellow on the cupboard, but if you want less commitment, you can add yellow to the kitchen wallpaper or fabric and accessories,” rawes said. “It also goes well with the current green“

Recommended paint color: Hawthorne yellow hc-4, Benjamin Moore


Jay Wilde

5. Rich earth tones

Vroom foresees that the color trend of the kitchen will change from soft white and blue to warm and grounded colors, such as red earth, powder blusher, and even plum. “The palette of beaches or farmhouses is retreating, and those rich earth tones are strengthening,” she said. As homeowners embrace the inherent texture and color of wood, you can also expect to see more natural wood cabinets in the kitchen.

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