Five technology gadgets and accessories that you actually use every day when working from home


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Teleworking is becoming the new normal of many labor forces today. Whether permanent or temporary, the practice of working from home is still a matter of the moment, and people are actively looking for ways to make this new daily work easier and more efficient.

In this episode of in the know live: gadgets, you can buy five of the best home office gadgets and accessories to keep you focused and organized. From the compact and portable wireless Bluetooth keyboard to the clip on ring light for zoom calls, we’ve covered everything you may need (and actually use).

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1. Logitech Master Series MX keys mini, $99.99


Credits: Logitech

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Being restricted to company laptops is extremely restrictive for many people. Because of this, most people choose to invest in an external Bluetooth keyboard. This helps keep the screen away from your face to reduce eye fatigue. If you also use an external monitor, it is the perfect solution to provide you with comfortable dual screen work efficiency.

The new Logitech MX keys Mini is one of the latest versions of the technology brand. It has all the top-level functions of the best-selling MX Keys Wireless Keyboard for Mac, but the package is smaller and more compact. The new version has four colors and is suitable for PCs and Macs. It can last up to five months when the backlight is turned off.

Use the switch function to switch between three different devices, and because of its lightweight and smallest construction, you can carry it with you without worrying about any large volume.

2. Logitech MX Master 3 advanced wireless mouse, $99.99


Credit: Amazon

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Logitech is not only dominant in Bluetooth wireless keyboard. If you are looking for a high-quality wireless mouse that is affordable and will not strain your hands after heavy use, the MX Master 3 advanced wireless mouse of this brand is the perfect choice.

Using the popular standard flat top mouse apple magic mouse may cause hand strain after several hours of use. Because of this, the ergonomic computer mouse is the first choice for most people, and Logitech’s mouse is one of the best mice you can buy.

In addition to its carefully crafted ergonomic shape, it’s completely wireless, with ultra fast scrolling and smooth sliding on any surface – so no mouse pad is required! It is suitable for PC and MAC computers and comes in two colors (graphite and medium gray).

3. Nulaxy laptop stand, $24.99 (original price $26.99)


Credit: Amazon

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You may think you don’t need a laptop riser / stand until you really get one and see how it actually changes the rules of the game. If you don’t raise it, your laptop won’t be flush with your line of sight, forcing you to look down for hours. This can eventually lead to neck and back strains that are difficult to repair over time. The laptop riser perfectly places your computer at the line of sight level to prevent this from happening.

Although there are a number of options available, not all laptop racks and risers are the same. Most are fragile and lack the robustness and durability required for widespread use. This is from nulaxy, stylish, simple and extremely durable. It also has an ergonomic design that perfectly places your laptop on your head to prevent neck and back strain.

With an impressive 4.8 points (out of 5 stars) and more than 26000 comments, it’s definitely worth buying.

4. Video conference monitor clip in USB powered lighting kit, $19.99 (original price $28.99)


Credit: Amazon

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Ring light sales soared when the office resumed work, and the home was on duty across the country. This demand still exists, and more and more people are now trying to find smaller options that don’t take up too much space in their apartments or home offices.

Because of this, this clip option is popular for all the right reasons. It has all the classic features of traditional ring light (adjustable warmth and brightness, etc.), but comes in a compact and portable design that is easy to connect and separate from your computer monitor

To turn it on, simply plug the USB power cord into your computer. When finished, unplug it, remove it from the monitor, and store it in the desk drawer.

At present, the affordable “Amazon choice” device costs $23.99.

5. Satechi 2-in-1 headset holder with wireless charger, $79.99


Credit: satechi

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Finally, this two in one gadget and desktop accessories are more necessary than you think. If your phone’s battery life is always insufficient and you need a perfect place to store your headphones, the recently released satechi 2-in-1 headphone bracket with wireless charger is effortless.

Whether you use headphones for work or leisure, this stainless steel bracket will come in handy. Because its padded handle is easy to access, it can display them perfectly and safely; In addition, directly below is a convenient wireless fast charging board. Place your phone, earplugs or any Qi enabled device to charge quickly and safely in a few minutes.

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