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From books and prose, like pruning a lot of flowers in the garden, these words about the garden describe green grass, flowers, the change of seasons and hard work. They come to us in the voice of writers and gardeners. Their hard won knowledge is accompanied by crescent dirt under their nails. Some of these quotes can be found in favorite old-fashioned gardening books that explore gardening and people who love gardening, as well as those who work hard on earth to grow something in it and on themselves. So put away your shovel and stake and kneel in the flowers – we hope these emotions will inspire you to take care of your garden this season.

About gardeners

“Every spring, a gardening instinct, like the sap on a tree, is bound to stir in our hearts. We look around and decide to tame another piece of land.” – Lewis Gannett, cream Hill: the discovery of weekend countrymen (1949)

“It seems strange that gardeners grow not from seeds, buds, bulbs, rhizomes or cuttings, but from experience, environment and natural conditions.”  – Karel Č Apek, gardener’s year (1929)

“… but we garden lovers are greedy people who always want more and more! I want a rose garden, a tulip garden, a carnation garden, a columbine garden and a fern garden…” – Gertrude Jekyll, home and garden (1900)

“If you want anything to grow, you must understand it and really understand it.” green finger “is a fact and a mystery only to those who have not practiced it. But green fingers are an extension of a green heart. ” – Russell page, gardener’s education (1962)

“My wish is to live quietly in the corner of nature forever.” – Claude Monet


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On nature

“The garden crosses the gap between nature and human nature.” – merilyn Simonds, “Introduction”, Garden: Literary Companion (2008)

“Nature has been working, building and dismantling, creating and destroying, making everything rotate and flow, except rhythmic movement, no rest, chasing everything in endless songs, from one beautiful form to another.” – John Muir

“[the gardener] imposed designs must be constantly modified, sometimes completely changed by a hand stronger than himself – the hand of nature. Maybe the art of gardening is just about how to hold that hand and how to hold it in friendship.” – Beverly Nichols, garden today (1963)

“Nature will be examined most closely. She invites us to keep our eyes on the same level as her smallest leaf and observe its plain from the perspective of insects.” – Henry David Thoreau

“When a man pulls something in nature, he will find it connected to the rest of the world.” – John Muir


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About the magic of gardening

“There are a lot of weeping in my garden, but it’s a happy weeping, because all these curved branches and bowed their heads are just because they show so much beauty on such a small stage.” – Beverly Nichols, forty favorite flowers (1964)

“The garden year has neither begun nor ended.” — Elizabeth Lawrence, South Garden (1942)

“Those who know the garden where vegetables are grown and know that the garden is healthy will remember the beauty of growing plants, perhaps when the first dew in the morning when the garden is at its best.” – Wendell Berry, “the joy of eating”, the fire of the end of the world: Wendell Berry essence (2017)

“This garden suggests that we may have a place where we can give up halfway.” – Michael Bolen, second nature: gardener’s education (1991)

“But for a four year old, the space formed by the arched branches of Forsythia is as magnificent as the interior of a cathedral, and there is enough space between the lilacs and the wall to accommodate a world.” Michael Bolen: the gardener of nature (1991)

“No land, however dry, bare or ugly, can be tamed to give the impression of beauty and pleasure.” – Gertrude Jekyll, family and garden (1900)

“The glory of Gardening: hands in the soil, head in the sun and heart in nature. Cultivating gardens is not only to feed the body, but also the soul.” – Alfred Austin

“Smell brings memories, and many memories bring the pleasure of nostalgia. It’s wise for us to plan this when we plant the garden.” – Tara sacroso


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On gardening

“Gardening is a profession like any other profession – a call, if you like, but not a gift from heaven. One acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, or one does not.” – Eleanor per é NYI, green thinking: a writer in the garden (1981)

“Don’t think of real gardening as an idyllic meditation profession. It’s an insatiable passion, like everything one devotes himself to.”  – Karel Č Apek, gardener’s year (1929)

“First, we must master the psychological map of the terrain and know where the shadow falls, where the sun shines – and when.” – Eleanor per é NYI, green thinking: a writer in the garden (1981)

“Garden, as if you will live forever.” – William Kent

“In my opinion, one of the most worthwhile things about the garden is to strive to make every part of the garden beautiful […].” – Gertrude Jekyll, family and garden (1900)

“Everything that slows us down and forces us to wait patiently, everything that brings us back to the slow cycle of nature, is a help. Gardening is an elegant tool.” – mesaton

“I know I can’t create anything new. To build a garden is to organize all the existing elements and add fresh elements, but first I must absorb everything I see as much as possible, the sky and skyline, the soil, the color of grass, and the shape and nature of trees.” – Russell page, gardener’s education (1962)

“The world is full of beautiful things that we can grow and not grow.” — Elizabeth Lawrence, South Garden (1942)


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In season

“From December to March, for many of us, there are three gardens – the outdoor garden, the flower pot and bowl garden at home, and the garden of the eye of the mind […].” – Katherine S. white, up in the garden (1979)

“We learned from our garden to deal with the most urgent problem at that time: how much is enough?” – Wendell Berry

“I always deal with it myself; I think frost is what someone does to me – just me. That’s how winter begins in the garden – curtsy to the real cold coming in another tentative gesture, a gentle form.” – Kincaid, Jamaica

“I tell you, there is no death; not even sleep. We will only transition from one season to another. We must be patient with life because it is eternal.”  – Karel Č Apek, gardener’s year (1929)

“Everyone must take time to sit down and watch the leaves turn.” – Elizabeth Lawrence

“I like spring anywhere, but if I can choose, I will always welcome it in the garden.” – Ruth Stott

“The color (green leaves, pink stems of rhubarb, red veins of beet leaves, yellow and brown of sunflowers) starts tentatively, in a way that may or may not be, and then a day. Maybe after a heavy rain, everything becomes strong and glittering like gemstones. At that moment, I think life will never change: it will always be summer.” – Kincaid, Jamaica

“It’s spring again. The earth is like a child reciting poetry.” – Reina Maria Rilke


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On enjoying Garden

“Plants are the material to create a garden. I don’t think a garden is a manifestation of spring (like an Easter hat) or a flower bed to be cut out and brought into the house, but a place to enjoy every month of the year.” — Elizabeth Lawrence, South Garden (1942)

“Give me a fragrant garden at sunrise so that I can walk undisturbed.” – Walt Whitman, give me the bright silent sun

“Although gardening doesn’t seem as dramatic or magnificent as mountain climbing at first, gardening gives most of us the most direct and intimate natural experience – its satisfaction, vulnerability and power.” Michael Bolen: the gardener of nature (1991)

“The buzzing of bees is the sound of the garden.” – Elizabeth Lawrence


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On practical issues

“Life without an aim is meaningless, and so is the garden path. I don’t mean you have to have some terrible statuettes that glare at you from the end, or some unnecessary sundials […]. I mean, if you walk on a garden path, you have to go somewhere, even if it’s just a tree, or a gap in the hedge, through which you can see the quiet field. ” – Beverly Nichols, green city (1939)

“Gold in the garden is more valuable than gold in the bank… Just as money breeds money, gold magnifies gold in the garden.” – Beverly Nichols, the garden opens tomorrow (1968)

“Bad gardens have no end, but we don’t have to mention them.” – Christopher Thacker, the history of gardens (1979)

“If people who don’t care about the weather have so many reasons to complain, what should the gardener say?”  – Karel Č Apek, gardener’s year (1929)


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What’s your favorite garden quote? Do you have any favorite garden books that you return and reread every season?

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