“Hey, Disney!”: Amazon and Disney have launched new assistants similar to Alexa


Amazon partnered with Disney to create “Hey, Disney!” The first customized brand voice assistant using Alexa technology can be used free of charge in Disney Resort hotels or purchased at home. Mickey inspired OtterBox den series brackets for echo show 5 will also be sold.

Alexa got some company.

Amazon and Disney launched a program called “Hey, Disney! “New role”.

“This marks the first time we have provided another voice assistant with Alexa on the echo device,” Aaron rubenson, vice president of Amazon Alexa voice services and Alexa skills, told USA today before the announcement.

“Hey, Disney!” It will be used in the rooms of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort and on Amazon echo devices supported at home.

“This will enable guests to interact with our beloved characters in a new way,” said Dan Soto, vice president of technology and digital for Disneyland, experience and products

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What can ‘Hey, Disney! Do?

“Hey, Disney!” It aims to make Alexa’s experience more magical through jokes, trivia of interaction with family, personal greetings of our characters, soundscape and so on, “Soto told America today. “It will definitely include real character sounds, original recordings, unique audio environments inspired by our movies and our destinations around the world, and more than 1000 magical interactions for our guests to discover.”

“Hey, Disney!” When will it be broadcast? Debut?

“Hey, Disney!” It is expected to be launched next year.

“Hey, Disney!” How much? Cost?

“Hey, Disney!” Guests can access it free of charge on Amazon echo equipment in Disney Resort Hotel rooms.

It’s not clear how much it costs to buy at home on the Alexa skills store. Details will be available at amazon.com COM / heydisney.

How to use “Hey, Disney!”?

Like Alexa, voice assistant has its own unique wake-up word: “Hey, Disney!”

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Where can I use “Hey, Disney!”?

And most “Hey, Disney!” Features will be available at home and Disney Resort hotels, and hotel guests will pass Alexa hotel industry

“You can ask, ‘Hey, Disney!’ for example, ‘when will the park open? Where can I buy Italian food? When will the next bus to Epcot leave my resort?'” Soto said. “You can even do practical things, such as ordering more blankets or towels in your room.”

“This is a solution that allows Disney to deploy and manage devices on a large scale while creating a unique experience to enhance the tourist experience,” rubenson said.

“Hey, Disney!” Working with Disney elves?

This fall, Walt Disney World and Disneyland will launch a new free travel planning tool called Disney spirit

Soto said Disney is looking for ways to get things like trips, and other opportunities may follow.

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‘Hey, Disney! be like?

Although users can use “Hey, Disney!” Hear the voices of many beloved and familiar Disney characters, but Soto and rubenson said that the voice assistant will be a “new and unique identity” and “different from Alexa’s voice”.

What about privacy?

“For Disney and Amazon, protecting the safety and privacy of our guests is the most important,” Soto said, noting that guests must choose to join rather than quit in order to use “Hey, Disney!”

In addition to having the same privacy protection as other Amazon products and devices, rubenson said: “in particular, the design of the indoor experience takes privacy into account, so audio is not stored by default. In addition, for the sake of clarity, customers will not log in to cooperate with Amazon to use the experience, so when guests interact with ‘Hey, Disney!’, personal information about guests will not be transmitted at all.”

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He pointed out that the echo microphone in the hotel room can also be turned off manually.

At home, rubenson said, “If a customer chooses to buy a ‘Hey, Disney!’ experience for their own personal device, just like our other experience for children, so it needs to be approved by verified parents before anyone can use it, and… As a customer, you can access your recordings, you can delete them, you can choose to delete them automatically, all of which are the kind of privacy control you expect Part of the experience. ”

What’s next?

While “Hey Disney” is the first Alexa customization assistant to use a customized brand and tailored voice assistant, Amazon did not suggest that others might go offline.

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