How to make you feel best at any age with genius skin care, hair care and health tips


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Getting older doesn’t mean letting the younger generation have all the fun. Our happy aging guide contains expert advice on all aging things that will inspire your look and feel!


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You will find beauty, nutrition, fitness and mental health tips to help you feel more energetic every day. Life doesn’t stop with aging, and you shouldn’t – so download the exclusive guide to prevent senior members and be happy with aging to make sure you get the great skills of all our experts. Here are things for everyone. You must want to share all these useful tidbits with your friends and family!

What will you find in the member exclusive guide

Age joy is full of information to help you embrace your age. Here, you will find how to maintain beautiful hair and skin, keep your body healthy and make your mind sharper. The age joy fully guide contains 70 pages of useful advice, practical wisdom and inspiring ideas to help you embark on the path of embracing the joy and beauty of aging.

✔️ The healthiest body of any age

Keep your eyes, heart and bones the healthiest in your life. From your 40s to 70s, our scientifically based advice on maintaining a healthy body will provide you with practical advice and fascinating insights every decade to understand how your body works and what you need.

✔️ Easily create a shortcut to maintain skin forever


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As you age, you may need to change your skin care style. It’s normal that your skin needs to change, but the chapter “shortcuts to aging skin” will help you maintain vibrant and healthy skin. Learn how to use your vitamins, soften wrinkles and personalize your SPF for a youthful and radiant complexion.


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✔️ Insider insights on Aging

“Doctors tell their friends about aging” is full of secrets from M.D. doctors who see hundreds of patients every year – they know what foods can help you feel young, what will get better with age, and what the happiest older people have in common (hint: it doesn’t have more work!).

✔️ The best food you can eat

You can also find delicious and nutritious recipes to help you enjoy the process of keeping your body strong (thanks to the antioxidants necessary for healthy aging). In “healthy colors”, you will find how eating five colors a day can provide you with the nutrients your body needs. There are some quick and simple recipes:

Vanilla baked potato Chowder

Corn, mango and soy salad

Cauliflower soup with roasted shrimp


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This is a preview of the suggestions you can start using today

Use home gloss care once a week to make your silver mane as shiny as possible. (from “keep your hair young forever” on page 16).

Eat every three to four hours to maintain healthy metabolism and energy levels. (from “accelerating metabolism” on page 47).

Add eye friendly nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins C and E, essential fatty acids and zinc to your diet to reduce the risk of eye diseases and degradation. (from “your healthiest body at any age” on page 35).

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