How to solve the problem of laser hair removal at home (there are also 10 kinds of equipment to complete the work)


Listen, we can spend warm weather in cold weather at any time, but in order to put on a light coat and short sleeves again, there is a trade-off: exposed body hair. Hey, if you like to stay natural, that’s great. If not, you have some choices, from fast and simple (such as shaving) to permanent and expensive (such as laser hair removal).

We will discuss the latter here and pay special attention to the increasingly popular household equipment these days because we spend extra time indoors.

How does laser hair removal equipment work?

Let’s start with the basics. Household hair removal equipment mainly uses two technologies: laser and intense pulsed light, referred to as IPL. The former emits light of one wavelength, while the latter emits light of several wavelengths, which can explain why they are more common in household tools.

When the tool glows, it heats the pigment in the hair follicle. This heat will damage the hair follicles and shrink them over time, so your hair will grow slower and thinner, and eventually it will stop growing new hair.

Is it safe to try laser hair removal at home?

Overall, yes, but because these devices are aimed at hair pigments, they are best suited for people with white to medium skin and dark brown to black body hair.

So, if you have blond, white or even red hair, or your skin goes from dark to black, we suggest you not try this at home, because the laser can’t distinguish the pigment in your hair from the pigment in your skin (Note: many of these devices have a chart on their packaging showing the efficacy and safety levels of different skin and hair colors.)

Improper handling of these devices can lead to burns, blistering and excessive pigmentation. Therefore, please be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and this is always the case when trying new products or tools. We recommend small patch test and physical treatment before comprehensive testing.

Is home laser hair removal as effective as office treatment?

Although these household devices use the same technology as office therapy, they have much smaller functions and use lower energy levels. This basically means that it takes longer to see the results because less heat is applied to the hair follicles. However, with patience and consistency, hair should become thinner and grow more slowly over time.

Since the cost of using household devices is more affordable than receiving treatment in the Office (up to thousands of dollars depending on the number of visits you need), they are a good starting point for many people

After you use the laser device, you can still see a thing that needs to be handled again, whether it’s a professional or a professional. Of course, its texture may be thinner and finer, but it does happen to some people. In this case, you need follow-up treatment.

Are there any safety precautions or best practices to consider when using laser hair removal equipment?

We’re glad you asked. Similarly, since these devices are aimed at the pigment in hair follicles, please avoid using tweezers or waxing a few weeks in advance. You can shave, but for best results, we recommend that you grow your hair for a few days before using the laser.

Finally, note that you may feel warm or slightly tingling, but it should not be painful. At most, I should feel a little uncomfortable. If it burns or feels too hot, stop and adjust your settings to avoid damage to your skin.

OK, now we have introduced the basic knowledge. Here are ten best laser hair removal equipment that can be used on a comfortable sofa.

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1. Tria hair removal laser

Dermatologist selection

As the only FDA approved household laser hair removal tool, tria has obtained an approval seal for safety and effectiveness. It uses the same office diode laser technology as dermatologists, which provides three times more energy for the pigment in hair follicles than any other household hair removal equipment, and strict laboratory tests show that it can reduce new growth without causing irritation.

Buy it ($499)


2. Ora iluminage precise touch permanent hair remover

Most inclusive

Ora’s iluminage precision touch permanent hair removal device combines intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) to remove body and facial hair with the widest range of skin and hair colors. Skin approval settings range from low to medium to high, so you can adjust it to your tolerance and accurately locate hair follicles (and reduce pain overall).

Purchase ($245)


3. Me chic compact permanent hair removal device

Best for travel

This compact device is more compact and lightweight than most other devices on the list, and its patented ELOS technology has a strong impact, which uses enhanced pulsed light to target each hair follicle. Due to its size, it is also easier to operate in smaller areas such as the upper lip or bikini line. Just choose the energy level you like, and then slide the device across the skin according to the manual. It is recommended to take 1 minute under each armpit, 2 minutes on the face, 4 minutes on the bikini line and 10 minutes on each leg once a week for 6 weeks.

Buy it ($199)


4. Gozye laser hair remover

Best budget

Of course, the device doesn’t have some fancy add ons from other devices on the list (i.e. it’s not wireless), but it’s only a # small part of the cost and uses the same IPL technology to gradually remove hair over time. Commentators praised the user friendliness of the device, saying that “the instructions are easy to read and clearly state which settings should be used”, and “if you follow the instructions and have patience, the results are worth it.”

Buy it ($90)


5. Imene hair remover

Best for rough hair

If your hair is dark and thick, this device is highly recommended because it has five different power levels. Each flash can provide 12 to 18 joules of energy. It effectively sprays more heat into each hair follicle to reduce hair growth. As one commentator shared: “I started using it once a week at level 5. By the end of the second month, I [no longer] had to pull out the hair around my mouth or chin. My daughter has started using it in her bikini area and says it has changed dramatically in just two weeks.”

Buy it ($140)


6. Silk’n infinity depilator

Most durable

Yes, the price is high, but when you consider the service life of the equipment, it may reduce the tingling slightly. Silk’n infinity can store 400000 pulses before sending them out, and its service life is much longer than that of most household devices on the market. It combines ehpl light pulse and current energy technology to prevent hair growth at the root for a more lasting effect. We also appreciate its stylish cylindrical design and five customizable energy settings that can handle a variety of skin colors.

Purchase ($399; $300)


7. Lux skin IPL laser hair removal mobile phone

Best for beginners

Fans praise the cost-effective device because it is easy to use and covers a large surface area every time it is hit. To use, simply press the power button on the back of the device, and then press again to increase the intensity level (up to five levels). Once the desired level is reached (always start low and work up), place the flat head of the device in the area you want to treat, and then press the large button in front to provide IPL energy. “I can tell you the truth. Now I use it once a week. After about two months, I can really see the difference! Less hair and softer hair,” said a pink silk.

Purchase ($299; $79)


8. Kenzzi IPL hair removal mobile phone

Fan favorite

At some point during the pandemic, you probably saw this person on your instagram feed. The buzzing kenzzi is loved by many people for its ability to provide results quickly (usually within three to four weeks) and a relatively easy experience. With five power settings and a long service life (they claim that each device flashes for up to 10 years or more), you can use it to remove hair from your face and any part of your body. As one critic shared, “I have bearded hair and peach fluff. I cut off the harder hair with baby scissors because I was too afraid to shave, making the peach fluff worse. After about two months, I saw that the strong hair had decreased by about 80%, leaving only a few stubborn hairs, but even they must have become thinner.”

Buy it ($229)


9. Bosidin painless permanent hair remover

Best for sensitive skin

If your skin is easily irritated or you feel nervous about tingling during treatment, we will recommend bosidin for you. Using pre cooling mode can prepare your skin before heating, and skin sensitive users report less pain or intensity when using this device than other devices. Coupled with the precise head, it can rotate left and right to achieve the curve and contour of your body (for example, the back of your thighs). It is easy to understand why fans call it “absolute dream” and “the best innovation” of family hair removal.

Buy it ($340)


Artolf 10. Male and female hair removal

Amazon’s favorite

This popular choice has more than 9000 comments (83% of which give it five stars), and it uses mild IPL heating to reduce hair growth. The built-in sensor continuously scans your skin and automatically adjusts the intensity each time you pass, so you can get the best light transmitted to each hair follicle. For best results, always use it and remember that your hair enters at different stages, so progress will be gradual. “I admit I’m skeptical about its effect, but I’ve used it [on] my arms and neck, and there’s almost no hair [there],” one critic shared. “

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