I tried rare beauty’s colored moisturizer, which helped me embrace my acne and blemishes


I tried rare beauty’s colored moisturizer, which helped me embrace my acne and blemishes


Rare beauty’s positive light colored moisturizer, color 12C. Amanda Klaus / inside story

Rare beauty recently launched a $29 colored moisturizer with 24 colors to choose from.

I tried this product and like its lightweight covering, moisturizing formula and luminous effect.

It also helped me accept the acne and redness I usually tried to hide.

When my friends started searching their mother’s makeup bags as teenagers, my main concern was foundation make-up.

I am eager to find the most comprehensive product to cover my skin and use a lot of concealer to hide my acne. Although my skin and self-confidence have improved over the years, I have never really been satisfied with the redness, scars and flaws that still appear.

Therefore, when rare beauty announced its new positive light coloring moisturizer, I didn’t think the product was suitable for me. It looks great on model and brand founder Selena Gomez, but it won’t work for people with acne prone skin like me – at least I think so.

After I tried this product, it seems that wearing a full coverage foundation make-up every day for the first time in many years is no longer a necessity.

Rare beauty positive light colored moisturizer costs $29 and is available in 24 shades

I bought the second shallow product from Sephora, although it can also be found on rare beauty’s website.

The brand describes its moisturizer as “no makeup in the bottle”. Due to the injection of SPF 20 sunscreen, it is said to have moisturizing, lightweight and protective effects. It also promises “glowing, light to medium coverage” with blurring effects.

Rare beauty recommends shaking the bottle before use and then applying the product to the skin with your fingers, sponge or brush.


Rare beauty’s positive light colored moisturizer, color 12C. Amanda Klaus / inside story

In my opinion, rare beauty’s description of face products is accurate.

I applied the moisturizer with rare beauty’s liquid touch foundation make-up brush, which immediately integrated into my skin. The pores on my cheeks looked blurred, and the redness and swelling on my forehead became less obvious. Not to mention glowing – my skin looks radiant and healthy immediately after using this product.

Although some of the colored moisturizers I have tried before feel as thick as foundation make-up, I have the opposite experience with this one. It feels gentle, moisturizing and light on the skin, almost like I don’t have makeup at all.


I don’t have make-up (left) and I use rare beauty’s colored moisturizer (right). Amanda Klaus / inside story

Surprisingly, I also like this moisturizer. It doesn’t completely hide my natural skin. The texture on my cheek is still visible, and there are some acne and redness around my mouth and chin.


I like the gloss of this product (left) and its light coverage (right). Amanda Klaus / inside story

When wearing this product, I really feel more confident and happy about my skin

For at least ten years, I have been wearing full coverage foundation make-up and concealer, which is not an easy habit to change. Even when using this colored Moisturizer – it’s been a week, and I’ve only used it without other cosmetics most of the time – for a few days I feel like I need to add some extra cover to my acne, and other times I want to go back to my routine.

In other words, I don’t think this product will completely replace other products in my makeup bag, but will become the first choice for my light makeup day.

Nevertheless, when trying this product, I still look in the mirror many times and feel very light. Without a thick foundation make-up, I’m really glad to see my natural skin texture stand out. As a result, I was reminded that a makeup like foundation make-up should strengthen your skin – not hide it.

I wear lipstick, eyeliner and powder Blusher for fun, but foundation make-up always feels more like a necessity. Fortunately, there are such products on the market, and I don’t think that’s always the case.

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