Iman Fandi shares her passion for dance


Balancing your life can be as simple as taking time regularly to indulge in the activities you choose. Yahoo life sea chats with people who share their passion for their favorite sports or health activities, which helps them go to the world with enthusiasm. We hope this monthly series will inspire you to find an interest and add luster to your life.


Iman Fandy. Photo: adidas Singapore

Iman Fandi grew up as a model and is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and former track and field athlete from Singapore. She likes outdoor activities, fashion and travel. In her blood. She used to be a ballet, tap and jazz / contemporary dancer and engaged in other sports such as gymnastics, swimming and football.

Yahoo life: what is your favorite sport, fitness or health trend?

I like sports and all things related to fitness, but one thing I find myself always returning to is dance. I used to be a dancer, jumping all kinds of dances. I like to express myself in different ways and expose myself to different music genres through dance.

What are the advantages of it and what do you like about it?

Dancing itself is a great exercise, and I’m also very happy. Although I no longer compete, I can easily integrate dance into my life and work.

How long have you been addicted to it and with whom?

In a busy schedule, I won’t do this as often as I think. So I dance at home to make up for it. Sometimes, when we exercise together in the gym, I pretend to be a zunba dance coach and “teach” my friends.

Is there anything you want to give up?

I never thought of giving up. I spent time learning sequences, and through practice I became a faster learner. The most important thing is to have fun in the learning process!

What gears / tools do you need for this sport?

I usually wear my Adidas ultraboost shoes and any Adidas originals sweatpants. I like them because they have many colors and styles. I can express myself creatively in my clothes when dancing.

Share with us one thing you learned from this sport, or what you want others to find out.

Dance is so creative and free. Even if you “don’t know” how to dance, there has never been a right way to do this. It just brings everyone together.

As a public figure, how do you motivate your followers?

I like to share good and positive quotes that bring positive and hope to our lives on my page.

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