Jeanne Damas re branded and re launched rouje beauty line


Paris – French fashion brand rouje is reshaping its brand and relaunching its beauty products to enter the field of skin care.

Launched in 2018, the rouje beaut é series is mainly composed of lipstick inspired by the iconic red pout of Founder Jeanne Damas. It will be renamed Les filles en rouje from the launch of its first palette on May 8. It plans to gradually expand to other makeup categories by 2023.

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“I want to separate them and launch a new website and a new identity because I want to give [beauty series] more space,” Damas said at a press conference in her new office at rouje headquarters in Paris. “At rouje, lipstick was originally designed as accessories, like bags or shoes. Now we want to develop a full range of cosmetics.”

The title of the series is roughly translated as “girl in red”, although Damas customized the French word “rouge” for color with her own initials.

“It’s the way we talk internally about people who follow the brand,” she said. “At first, I was worried that the brand name might be a little long, but in the end, I think it worked because it opened up a world full of possibilities – ‘girl’ is not just me, but everyone.”


Promotional picture of Les filles en rouje face palette- Credit: provided by LES filles en rouje.

Provided by LES filles en rouje.

She is keen to point out that the collection itself has no sense of girliness. It uses brightly colored packaging and a new graphic logo. “This brand may be called Les filles en rouje, but in fact, it is for all generations,” she said. “This makeup is designed to show your natural beauty and make you playful.”

Nevertheless, Damas, who became famous as a teenager as the embodiment of French girl style, remains the main Muse of the series and its retro packaging. For her first skin color product, packed in a hawksbill patterned powder, she wanted some lightweight products with a cream formula.

Priced at 49 euros, the palette contains three tone highlighter pens, cocoa butter and jojoba oil, and three powder Blusher colors, rich in castor oil, designed to be used with different skin tones. “I never use foundation make-up, but I like to wear light colors and colors,” she explained. “It’s not designed to hide the skin.”


Les filles en rouje’s first face palette.

In September, the 30-year-old woman plans to release a complete skin care series.

“When I was in confinement, I didn’t have many opportunities to make up except myself. Skin care occupied a more important position in our lives. It made me interested in launching my own product line,” she said. “I’ve always only used 100% natural products, so I really want to make it with natural ingredients.”

Although she plans to launch a series of glass packaging designed to be displayed on the bathroom shelf, she wants to launch a refillable format in the future.

If there is an empty boutique in Damon Joe street, she hopes to open a separate beauty shop near Damon Joe street. “I want to open another beauty shop and provide different experiences, because the two can coexist, but I can also talk to two different customers,” she said.

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