Painted kitchen cabinets are making a comeback – this is our favorite color to try now



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Want to add some fashion and personality to your kitchen? Then, open the door to the idea of using painted cabinets to enhance space.

Although this trend can be traced back to the mid-1990s, color cabinets have suddenly regained popularity in family centers. Dennese Guadeloupe Rojas, an interior designer in silver spring, Maryland, said: “in recent years, colorful kitchens have become popular again as we deal with garbage at home during the covid crisis.” “The appropriate designer colors on the kitchen cabinets add refinement and charm to this’ family ‘room.”

This is why painted cabinets have become fashionable again, which colors are the most popular, and how to introduce them into your kitchen.

A comeback child

Over the past few years, homeowners have been replacing old cabinets with painted versions to make their cooking and preparation space more active. “Whether they prefer lighter and softer colors or want to introduce bolder and more interesting colors, consumers see their cabinets as an opportunity to bring another color into the space,” said Arianna CESA, deputy manager of color marketing and development at Benjamin mole. “They no longer feel they have to default to white or any material in the cabinet.”

More than a decade ago, the dark colors in the kitchen were more stylish. “Cabinets are usually dark mahogany, cherry and gold oak,” recalls Antoinette Rourke, a cabinet expert in Jupiter, Florida. “Today, wooden cabinets are out of date… [painting] options are endless.”

Why now?

For families who spend more time at home, although the budget is limited, the painted kitchen cabinet provides a new appearance without the cost and labor associated with top-down kitchen overhaul. “Usually, the shape and quality of the cabinet are good, but the color is not the owner’s taste,” Rourke pointed out. “It’s also a faster process.” Compared with the new cabinet, the painting work only takes three to five days.

If you are looking for a simple way to introduce more colors into your home, then painted cabinets are your best choice. “Kitchen cabinets are now seen as a wall in the kitchen,” chesa pointed out. “Fresh paint is a faster but still effective way to renew the kitchen.”

Popular colors

When deciding which hue is best for your kitchen, please check the current popular colors. For fresh and clean appearance, alabaster (warm white) is a popular choice for modern kitchens. Guadeloupe Rojas believes that this cream color provides “a perfect background for stone countertops, colored cookware and kitchen decoration”. She also saw plain green, orange and ocean colors and dark blue, providing a sense of ventilation for smaller kitchens or kitchens with limited natural light.

Blue and green with a little gray are also suitable for kitchen space. CESA recommends Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy hc-154, Caldwell green hc-124, missed green 2138-50 and Aegean Teal 2136-40 (as shown in the figure), which can be used with various fixtures and finishes.

Rourke also pays tribute to gray because of its versatility in the kitchen style, from modern to rural. “Gray is also more tolerant of the dirt from everyday kitchen use than white,” she said.

Tips and tricks

For best results with painted cabinets, choose colors that complement your existing design, including countertops, tailgate, fixtures and floors. Hovering between two different tones? Consider creating a two tone kitchen. “Enjoying the fun of color on the lower cabinet can be an interesting way to integrate color without committing the color cabinet of the whole kitchen,” Rourke said.

If you are looking for a low-key approach in the market, CESA recommends using the same color on walls and cabinets to achieve a consistent design. “Change the gloss for subtle contrast, but surround yourself with this tone,” she said. “This applies to lighter and darker colors, and all colors in between.”

It goes without saying: please be sure to check the color of the kitchen before painting. “Every kitchen is unique, and lighting plays a huge role in the projection of paint color into the space,” she added.

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