Pet owners like this automatic pet feeder that lets them sleep


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The cat waited patiently for the food from the feeder instead of disturbing its owner.

We know that you will spend the whole day with your furry friends if you can, but sometimes obligations will hinder you. Long hours of work, social activities and sleep sometimes keep us away from our lovely pets. The pet dry food dispenser with stainless steel bowl provides much-needed help. The dry food dispenser automatically distributes one to six meals per day to your dogs and cats. This provides your pet with a natural way of feeding and makes you worry less about one thing.


This automatic pet feeder has a convenient timer, so your pet is always fed on time.

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Of course, your pet will miss you when you are away, but thanks to this modern feeder, you can comfort them with your voice. A 10 second trigger call will make you feel like they are right next to them because they are wolfing down delicious food. Other features include:

The power adapter can work only with AA battery in case of power failure

Double lock cover, Velcro seal and moisture-proof box can prevent moisture and pests from entering

Designed to prevent clogging so that your pet’s food won’t get stuck

Using the pet dry food distributor with stainless steel bowl, you can run errands without rushing home to feed your furry family. And in a limited time, you can get an additional 10% discount when you use the coupon displayed at checkout.

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