Refresh old memories with this great Kodak Scanner – Amazon only offers a 30% discount today


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Don’t dust your old photo album – turn these precious memories into numbers. (photo: Getty Images)

One of my favorite holiday memories when I was a child was to dust off old albums, browse the pages, and make sure that all those loose and irreplaceable negatives were not lost in the shuffle. Modern family photos look a little different – we can quickly extract them on laptops and smartphones, play them on TV, or immediately share them on social media.

Today on Amazon, you can rate devices that will eventually allow you to combine old family photos with modern technology – and they can enjoy a 30% discount! Kodak digital film scanner takes negatives and easily converts them into digital JPEG files. These files can be saved on your computer and cloud, so they will never be lost or damaged.

With a digital scanner, you can stay nostalgic and make sure you never forget those precious albums.

These devices can handle film negatives, 35mm slides, Super 8 and 8mm negatives, and more memories you pass on from generation to generation. You don’t have to operate these small machines. The intuitive user interface will guide you through the process of converting the entire photo gallery.

They are even light and portable enough to carry around and collect images from relatives far and near. Today, you can create a new family tradition to steal.

Buy it: Kodak digital film scanner can enjoy a 30% discount, Amazon com

The following is a brief description of Kodak digital film scanner’s bulk transaction – any of these next-class devices will become a unique and sincere holiday gift.

Kodak mini digital film and slide scanner: 31% discount


Kodak mini digital film scanner refreshes old photos. (photo: Amazon)

This trusted partner allows you to scan, view and edit photos of important events, such as parents’ weddings or ancestors’ holiday gatherings. Then convert and save the old 135, 126, 110, Super 8 and monochrome negatives and slides in a clear and detailed digital file. This baby is loaded with modern technology, which can greatly improve the quality of each image.

One critic shared: “I have thousands of travel slides dating back to the 1970s. I want to get rid of the slides, but I don’t want to lose my memory. While looking for the answer, a friend told me about the scanner, which was sent by God. All the slides are in the marked rotation. I’ve been scanning all kinds of trips, saving them on my hard disk, setting the trip as a slide with background music and on our big screen Watch them on a flat screen TV. The scanner is easy for us, the color is great, I still have a long way to go, but I’m happy. ”

Shopping: Kodak mini digital film and slide scanner, $104 (original $150), Amazon


Kodak’s 35mm slide show and movie viewer allow you to play better shows than any holiday movie. (photo: Amazon)

During this holiday, take this personal slide viewer and walk along the memory path as a family. Instead of actually converting your old negatives and slides into digital photos, it projects them into vibrant digital slides.

Highest rating:

“My father is an avid photographer, so I have hundreds of his slides,” shared a happy shopper. “This excellent slide viewer brings Kodak slides from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s to life! After all these years, the quality of slides has dwarfed many digital photos.”

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