Reward yourself with Nordstrom’s beauty gift set – Estee Lauder, Mario Badescu and other brands can enjoy up to 40% discount



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We’ve heard of “Gucci’s father, son and home” in the popular film Gucci’s home, but for regular shopaholics like us, we say “father, son and Nordstrom’s home”. Seriously, whether it’s the latest beauty products or brand-name bags, we can’t get enough Nordstrom stores. This time, we flattered their discounted beauty suits.

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From holiday suits to surprise beauty suits, Nordstrom has a large number of products, and we will add them to our shopping cart as soon as possible – some even Nordstrom exclusive products you may miss!

Whether it’s skin care products from Mario Badescu or Tula, this new product promotion can always meet everyone’s needs. However, for any sales of Nordstrom, the transaction (and products) will not last long. Check out some of our selections from the Nordstrom beauty gift set sale below!

Estee Lauder night essentials repair, firming and moisturizing set – $85.00, original $100.00

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Courtesy of Estee Lauder – image source: Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder.

This luxurious skin care package from Estee Lauder includes a range of fantastic products, such as advanced night repair synchronized multi recovery complex serum (also known as serum Elizabeth Hurley!) Advanced Night Repair Eye super charged complex synchronized recovery eye cream for travel and supreme+ global anti-aging cell energy face cream for travel. You can buy it for less than $100 for a limited time.

Estee Lauder night essentials repair, firming and moisturizing set

$85.00, original price $100.00

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It cosmetics smooth, Prime & Set Kit – $35.40, original $59.00


Provided by it cosmotics – image source: it cosmotics.

It cosmetics.

For your family’s makeup addicts, please entertain them with this preparation and makeup set from it cosmetics. It includes confidence in cream moisturizer, your skin but better oil-free makeup primer and your skin but better styling spray +.

IT Cosmetics Smooth, Prime & Set Kit

$35.40, original price $59.00

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Soeder North Stream genuine soap, hand sanitizer and Lotion Set – $49.20, original $82.00


Provided by soeder – source: soeder.


Obstacles this all natural, clean skin set costs less than $50 in a very limited time. It is equipped with Beixi soap, Beixi hand sanitizer and Beixi lotion.

Soeder North Stream genuine soap, hand sanitizer and Lotion Set

$49.20, original price $82.00

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Mario Badescu Cleanse & hydrate series – $19.60, original $28.00


Courtesy of Mario badscu – image source: Mario badscu.

Mario badscu.

Suitable for any skin type, this celebrity favorite brand suit comes from Mario Badescu and is perfect for moisturizing. The essentials now cost less than $20 and include facial spray (with aloe vera, allergen and coconut water), mild foam cleanser, hyaluronic drops, hyaluronic cream and Caffeine Eye Cream.

Cleaning and moisturizing badesco series

$19.60, original price $28.00

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Tula so sweet SCRUB SET – $42.00, original $56.00


Provided by Tula – image source: Tula.


Tula, the favorite brand of fans, has just been released from the limited edition set, which contains three different limited edition perfume. Their best-selling product is exfoliating sugar scrub The exfoliating set includes sugar plum, gingerbread and chocolate mint.

Tula so sweet SCRUB SET

$42.00, original price $56.00

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