Snapchat added new assistive devices for bitmoji avatars, including hearing aids


Snapchat is adding new assistive devices to bitmoji avatars to expand their presentation options for users. Now, users can add hearing aids in multiple colors and choose to put them on one or both ears. Snapchat also added a series of the most popular bitmoji stickers, including a head with a cane. Users can now also choose wheelchair posture for their bitmoji avatar.

Last year, the company released stickers with manual wheelchairs after listening to user feedback. Snap said that these stickers have been shared more than 30 million times and received additional feedback from people who want to see themselves more in snapchat.

“Bitmoji’s mission is to become the embodiment of the world, which also means that we want to ensure that all our communities are reflected in our products,” the company said in a blog post. “This is the core of our work in designing new products and features. We give priority to the principles of diversity, fairness, inclusiveness, sense of belonging and accessibility to improve the experience of all snapchatter on our platform.”

Snap said that users should update to the latest version of the application to access the new auxiliary device options.

The release came shortly after snapchat announced the launch of a new ASL alphabet lens to encourage users to start learning American sign language. The new ar lens will teach users to spell their names with their fingers and practice the ASL alphabet. The shot also includes games that users can play to test their ASL knowledge.

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