Some fitness brothers still drink a gallon of milk a day to gain weight. Here is what you need to know about the “gomad” diet.


A “gallon of milk a day” diet increases the risk of heart and kidney problems. Chipsomodevela / Getty Images

Drinking a gallon of milk a day to quickly increase muscle mass and fat has always been a fashionable diet.

Nutritionists say this diet is a quick solution and will not lead to long-term changes in body composition.

The gomad diet increases the risk of heart and kidney problems.

Milk is popular among young people like Angus cloud and JOJO Siwa – and some fitness brothers participate in the gomad diet, or “drink a gallon of milk a day”.

The gomad diet – popular since bodybuilding in the 1940s and early 1950s – is expected to rapidly increase muscle and weight due to the high protein and saturated fat content of milk. Excess calorie intake is the best way to exercise your muscles, because if you eat very little, your body breaks down muscle tissue for energy.

Although experts recommend exercising muscles to strengthen bones and improve heart health, the gomad diet represents the dark side of weightlifting. Despite the negative impact on health, the desire for a muscular and “swollen” physique has prompted many fitness influencers to secretly take performance enhancing drugs (PED). An estimated 50 to 10 million people suffer from physical deformities, a mental health condition that can lead to intense pain in a person’s appearance.

In an interview with insider, three nutritionists said they believed or hoped that gomad diet was just a fad that would die out. Although they all agree that the gomad diet may fulfill its promise of rapid weight gain and that milk is nutritious, they say there are obvious disadvantages and serious risks in eating so much milk.

How does gomad diet work

Robin Barrie kaiden, a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, said the motivation behind the gomad diet may come from the desire to rapidly increase muscle mass.

Muscle building requires an adequate intake of calories and protein. A diet with excess calories not only helps build muscle, but strength training can also boost metabolism because muscles burn more calories at rest. Not eating enough protein can also hinder muscle formation, as large amounts of nutrients help repair muscle fiber tears during exercise.

Kaiden said some people find it hard to eat how much to increase muscle mass, and it’s usually easier to drink calories than to eat. A gallon of whole milk contains 128 grams of protein and up to 2400 calories.

Kaiden said the gomad diet can help exercise muscles, but excess calories can also lead to increased fat, because calories the body doesn’t use in a day are stored as extra fat.

Amy Stephens, a registered dietitian and sports nutrition certification expert, said that another attraction of gomad diet is that it provides convenience for people who do not cook or prepare meals. But Stephens says learning how to eat a balanced diet will lead to long-term, sustainable physical changes. Once dieters stop drinking milk, the results of gomad dieters may disappear.

“It’s obviously a quick fix because the food culture likes quick fixes,” Caden said.

The harm of drinking a gallon of milk a day

Not only does the gomad diet not provide a long-term way to exercise and maintain muscle, but eating a gallon of milk a day can lead to many health problems, some of which can be life-threatening.

Stephens said that a gallon of milk contains four times the daily intake of saturated fat or fat molecules in animal products and tropical oils. Although saturated fat may not be as unhealthy as previously thought, too much fat increases a cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Jason machowsky, a board certified sports nutritionist, said that a gallon of milk contains almost the daily recommended amount of sodium and a large amount of calcium. Too much sodium will dehydrate the body, and too much calcium in the kidney will form kidney stones.

Just the right amount of milk

Although drinking a gallon of milk a day can cause some problems, milk contains many important vitamins and minerals, including potassium, vitamin D and calcium, and nutritionists recommend that people who can tolerate dairy products drink the drink in moderation.

For vegetarians or people with lactose intolerance, nutritious, high calorie foods such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits and avocados can help gain weight, machowsky said. Soy milk contains almost as much protein as dairy products, although Stephens said he was cautious about large amounts of sugar and gum in some brands of milk substitutes.

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