The biggest kitchen design mistake


These kitchen designers have seen all this, from stainless steel overload to inferior cabinets. Here, they shared what they shouldn’t do when transforming.


Barn kitchen

1. Boredom “the best kitchen has a warm, attractive and personalized soul or spirit,” said designer Mick de Giulio. “Every project is an opportunity to create something new. It’s not just cabinets and countertops – the whole room must sing.” Adhering to this principle, he updated the Illinois kitchen in a former barn by retaining the building of the stables, adding a witty chimney to the area, and installing a pot rack similar to the wheels of a carriage. See more: 101 simple home renovation ideas


White kitchen

2. Cabinets that don’t fit the ceiling “they collect dust and unwanted accessories,” said designer Joan Schindler. In this Connecticut kitchen, the cabinets are full height, creating the largest storage space, while the glass front makes the space feel ventilated. The pane is repaired glass, which is not flat. The cabinet was decorated with white paint by Benjamin Moore. Related: secret place for storing articles


Green kitchen

3. Over design “the over design of the kitchen drives me crazy. Knowing when to stop is the real challenge,” said designer Christopher peacock. He used restraint in designing the New York kitchen, achieving a soft, rounded appearance through the use of old wood floors and vintage marble counters. The country kitchen sink is matched with the amarillis heritage faucet, which conforms to American standards.



4. Too many stainless steel utensils “stainless steel can be a wonderful accent. However, like all good designs, it should be placed in a rhythm. Stainless steel splashes everywhere make any kitchen look and feel choppy and small,” said kitchen designer Matthew Quinn. For this kitchen in Atlanta, the designer chose white cabinets instead of stainless steel to create a more room like and livable kitchen. “Be especially careful with those stainless steel coffins – huge stainless steel refrigerators,” he warned. “Without the right balance, they can quickly overwhelm kitchen design.”



5. The bigger the better “a well-designed kitchen with high-quality materials and thoughtful details can perfectly suit you even in the smallest space,” said designer tish key. In this compact California kitchen, an island platform with casters can be easily moved to where it is most needed. See more: beautiful designer bedroom


Modern kitchen

6. Too much storage “rarely need to completely fill a room with cabinets. A good layout is a balance between storage, function and aesthetics,” said designer Robert Baker. In this modern New York kitchen, he designed it with Cecil Baker. The open space above the sink means breathing space. Viking range and subzero refrigerator. Cabinet from Doug Mockett & Co. see more: top design bloggers show their favorite green space


Kitchen cabinet

7. Poor quality cabinets “think about it – you’ve been opening and closing those doors and drawers. Buy something strong and beautiful. Hardwood, good finishes and strong hinges are essential,” said kitchen designer Beverly ellsley. In this French style Connecticut kitchen, all the cabinets are designed by herself. The complex wood carvings are from the villa series designed by ellsley for enkeball designs. Don’t miss: Amazing designer kitchen



8. There is no countertop around the wall oven, according to Terry Scarborough, a kitchen designer. For the Connecticut kitchen, she made sure there was enough counter space next to and opposite the oven.

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