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Finding spiders in your home can be an unpleasant experience, especially when it surprises you. They are often hidden in hidden places, such as the corner of your house or garage. Many spiders are harmless to humans and can even help stop other insects. However, there are still some dangerous poisonous bites. If you don’t want spiders at home, whether harmful or not, there are several ways to get rid of them.

Good housekeeping health, Beauty & Sustainability lab talked with Michael Bentley, an entomologist and director of training and education of the national Pest Management Association (npma); Josh Matta, an entomologist and senior biologist at spectrum garden brands, and Rick Vetter, an entomologist at the University of California who focuses on spiders. Follow the instructions below to learn how to get rid of spiders and prevent them from coming back.

How to get rid of spiders at home

Whether you want to kill spiders in the bathroom, bedroom, basement or anywhere else in the house, you need to do the following:

✔️ Remove the spider. If you find a spider, there are several ways to remove it. It is an effective and humane choice to put it in a covered container and then put it back outdoors. However, if you do not like this method or the spider is running, you may need to consider using a spray. We like GH seal stars zevo ant, roach & spider inside spray. This spray is effective and safe for children and pets when used as directed.

✔️ Get rid of the Internet. Remove cobwebs by wiping or using a vacuum cleaner, especially in inaccessible places such as corners of the ceiling or behind objects.

✔️ Remove the debris that spiders like to hide. If you find a spider web in the debris, please clean the area so that the spider has nowhere to hide.

✔️ Clean up food and empty garbage. Spiders are not attracted to human food, but other insects will certainly be attracted, causing spiders to set cams near food sources. Minimize bugs by cleaning up surplus food, throwing away garbage and removing any other food residues that may attract them.

What attracts spiders at home?

If they enter the house or shelter, they will find food. They like quiet and secluded places, such as basements, attics, garages or messy corners, so keep the area free of clutter and remove flies or other insects they may want to eat.

What keeps spiders away from the house?

The best way to keep spiders away from the house is to prevent them from entering the house first. Block any area they can sneak in from the outside. Bentley recommends repairing damaged window screens, installing or replacing sills or door sweeps, and weatherstrips around doors and windows. In addition, seal the cracks or gaps around the foundation of the house to facilitate access.

Matta added, “building strong barriers is the key.” In spectrum brands’ portfolio, he suggested using spectrum bug stop to create chemical barriers. The product is sprayed on the outer surfaces of screens, doors, window frames and any other places where insects may enter. Please note that this product contains γ- Cyhalothrin, a powerful broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide, can also kill ants, fleas, cockroaches and other insects. Due to its potential hazards and toxicity to fish and aquatic organisms, our health, beauty and sustainable development laboratory experts recommend that you use it with extra care and only if other methods prove insufficient to control your indoor pest problems.

How to get rid of spiders in the garage

Spiders are attracted to quiet and secluded places with hiding places, which makes the garage a prime location. According to Witt, “black widows rarely appear at home – they are more likely to appear in garages, stone and wood piles, so you need to be careful to wear gardening gloves and baseball gloves in the garage.” It is best to remove any debris as much as possible, but for storage areas, use sealed storage containers so that spiders cannot enter, eliminating hiding places. When removing storage items from attics, closets or basements, be sure to carefully check them for spider smuggling.

Matta also recommends the use of pesticides in garages, such as spectracide bug stop in the spectrum brands portfolio. According to the brand, it can not only kill spiders and other insects that attract spiders when in contact, but also act as a barrier to keep them away. Mata said it would be sprayed in garages, around lights and on porches where insects might gather. Our health, beauty and sustainable development laboratory experts say that when handling these powerful pesticides, strictly follow the instructions and ensure that humans and pets are not allowed to enter the garage until the products used are completely dry and the area is well ventilated.

How to get rid of spiders outside

Although you may not want to get rid of too many spiders outside because they can help control insects, in some cases you may want to remove them – like a large web built on your porch. Lights in patios and porches will attract insects and create a major hunting ground for spiders, so consider turning off your lights. In addition, Bentley recommends replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with warm LED lights because they are less attractive to insects and help keep spiders away.

Common spider species

All spiders are poisonous, but not all spiders are harmful to humans. Please read below to learn about the common types of spiders in the United States and whether they are harmful.

House spider, wolf spider, jumping spider and long cellar (long legged father) spider. Bentley said: “These species are not considered a threat to human health. These spiders prefer undisturbed quiet areas to stay hidden and away from human activities. Web spiders, such as house spiders and long cellar spiders, look for undisturbed areas on the ground such as basements, cellars or windowsills to build webs. Ground seeking spiders such as tarantulas and jumping spiders are more common in areas with low ground traffic flow, including under furniture and along skirting lines.”

Black widow and brown hermit spider. According to Witt, black widows and brown hermits are the only poisonous spiders found in the United States. Black widows are all over the United States. Brown hermit spiders are mainly distributed in the Midwest, from Ohio to Nebraska, and south through Texas and Georgia. Although these spiders rarely bite, if they feel threatened, they will bite. Bentley said it could be fatal and should be considered a medical emergency, so be careful where they may live. Black widows are rarely found inside and are likely to appear in dry, dark places near the ground, such as wood, stone or debris piles. They can also be found in undisturbed items in the garage, such as baseball gloves or gardening gloves, so be careful when using such items. Brown hermit spiders prefer fragments and stakes, although they may also be found in closets, under furniture or near skirting lines.

When to contact a professional

Bentley recommends contacting pest control professionals when there are initial signs of pest activity, and suggests: “while proper prevention can usually shut out these creepy climbers, licensed pest control professionals will help identify species in your home and solve problems.” If you suspect you have a brown hermit or black widow, you should contact a pest control professional immediately.

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