The best coffee I’ve ever found!

Hayman was born in 2014 in London, UK. Its founders first met due to their passion for finding the best coffee beans in the world. After accumulating many years of hands on experience in the coffee sector and spending thousands of hours studying all coffee-related disciplines, they decided to get together in order to bring you something truly new and unique.

Hayman offers you the world’s best and freshest specialty coffees, including such legends as Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, best Kona coffee Hawaii, Panama Geisha coffee beans (also called Gesha coffee) and Cup of Excellence®** award-winning Brazilian coffee. All of these are arabica coffees (i.e. the best of all types of coffee beans), which is widely considered the best coffee bean species, and justly called gourmet coffee.

Hayman is the first to offer you:

An impressive menu of specialty coffee (also called speciality coffee) and absolutely nothing else short of this gold standard;
Fresh roasted coffee. Coffee is roasted on the same day it is shipped to you to ensure maximum freshness. It is also fresh ground coffee (when applicable), which gives a whole new meaning to the expression fresh coffee;
The best coffee beans as green coffee beans (i.e. unroasted coffee beans / raw coffee beans for use with your own coffee roaster), roasted whole bean coffee, best ground coffee, and Nespresso®* compatible capsules, so that you can immediately start this unforgettable experience, while keeping your preferred coffee brewing method.
If you invest in the best coffee beans in the world, it is critical that it is fresh roasted coffee and fresh ground coffee. Contrary to other products such as red wine, coffee starts losing its flavor and aroma once it is roasted, namely through the action of oxygen, moisture and light. This progressive loss of aroma and flavor takes place even if fresh coffee is adequately protected. This is the reason why fresh roasted coffee is so important to Hayman.

Hayman ships fresh roasted coffee to customers in most countries worldwide and offers free standard shipping to all of these locations.

We provide our customers highly attentive care before and after the purchase, because an exceptional coffee is only part of the Hayman experience. Call our coffee experts on +44 20 3239 8049 or email us at [email protected] , we are always happy to assist you.

The environment is another cornerstone of our vision. Hayman actively contributes to environmental protection by using only recyclable packaging and recyclable Nespresso®* compatible pods.

Hayman is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, the ultimate authority in coffee excellence (membership no. 6112-E), and of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence.


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