With covid-19 ravaging the world, what else do we need to do besides vaccination?

Of course, to improve our resistance to viruses we need to exercise. Because our body is the most important line of defence against viruses. If our bodies are strong and healthy, even if we are infected with a virus, the virus will only have a small effect on our bodies.

Secondly, we have to maintain an optimistic mindset, only with an optimistic mindset can we enjoy life. If we live in fear of the virus every day, I am sure we will scare ourselves sick before it arrives.

Finally we need to protect ourselves in some special places because we have to do so even if it is a common flu. Not to mention a virus that we don’t fully understand.

So today I have a mask for you. Let’s get to know this expert in masks in more detail.

The Cradle story.

I am an inventor, an engineer and a product developer and have spent much of my career in China, manufacturing specialist survival clothing. I’ve accumulated patents and awards for fabric technology, multiple layer textiles and breathable water-tight and air-tight garments. Having worked in the aerospace, medical, marine, automotive and leisure clothing industries I have extensive experience of R&D, production sourcing and inspection. I’ve also sat on several European Standardisation Organisations’ PPE working groups in relation to safety and other aspects of public interest.

My father, Professor Tim Gordon, devoted his life to the eradication of tropical disease and its associated suffering. He was a major figure at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, which was founded in 1898 to investigate the influx of new ‘tropical diseases’ to the port city as a result of its growing overseas trade, and he worked tirelessly to fight against malaria and yellow fever.

Covid-19 is this century’s mysterious ‘topical disease’, propagated in the same way by global trade and travel. As a natural extension to my family’s story, I’m using my expertise to source and develop reliable and best performance PPE face masks to safeguard front line workers and the general public against Covid-19. Cradle will continue doing everything we can to build the UK’s protection against potential pathogen pandemics in the future so we can safely continue our lives.

John Gordon, Cradle founder and CEO.


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