Stronger, more muscular and healthier, the easiest way for you!

Are you like me, you struggle to build muscle and strength every day. But the muscles still haven’t changed much. Now you take a look at this company below and you can find out the easiest way.


Going beyond sports nutrition to help people realize their true strength and potential, Animal empowers our customers to get stronger and fitter… one pack, one scoop, one rep at a time.


Universal Nutrition is more than a company, and Animal is more than a brand – it is a way of living. Forged in 1983, with the birth of the iconic Animal Pak, Animal is first and foremost a family company. And that sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, and loyalty informs every incarnation of Animal, from our dedicated staff to our athletes and ambassadors, we put our fellow athlete, and their goals, first in all that we do.

Animal is a mindset. It reveals itself in commitment, dedication, hard work, perseverance and the idea that that each day presents the opportunity to be your best, each day a new personal record. We invite you on the journey.


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