Use this to make building your website easier.

If you want to expand your business on the Internet, create your blog, express your views, etc.

Let me introduce you to this company today – CREATE.
With CREATE you can get more easily and quickly. Let’s take a look at this company, next.

About Create

We’ve got one mission: to make creating your own website and online shop as simple as possible. We were the first UK-based all-in-one website builder – we launched in 2001 as – and since then we’ve enabled over 30,000 people to make a website: from individuals, crafters, tradespeople and all sorts of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Our story

In 2000, Simon Kimber set out to build a content management system that would enable his clients to add their own content to the websites he was developing for them.

He quickly realised there was an opportunity to do something much greater – something that would put having a website within reach of people who didn’t know how to code or couldn’t afford expensive agencies – and he developed a platform that allowed anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a bit of motivation, to make a website.

Everything we do is to enable people to get online. It’s not easy to make a website, but we’ve designed our site-builder to make it as simple as possible

The business – registered as DoYourOwnSite in 2001 – grew organically and in 2005, Simon’s wife, Rebecca, joined the company to help support the hundreds of customers who were choosing Simon’s platform to make their own website. As the business grew, Rebecca began to oversee more of the business operations, and in 2007 she became CEO. Soon after, the company hired their first employee (with more to come!) and rented their first office.

In 2009 the company rebranded as, and since then the team has grown to 18 people, one occasional dog, Jelly, who thinks she’s a human and a tank of tropical fish. Our head office is based in a sustainable development in Brighton, UK – our building is made with local materials such as sweet chestnut timber cladding and East Sussex clay, and we’re powered by wind turbines, solar heating panels and collected surface water.

To date, over 30,000 people have made websites using Create, which has developed from Simon’s original platform into a simple-to-use but powerful website and ecommerce builder.


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