How to get a bespoke Italian-made shirt made for you in the UK

Do the shirts you get always more or less don’t fit well. Going to a bespoke shop can be expensive and slow. Well, now we can buy custom-made shirts from the internet. Now let’s take a look at this brand.


We are an Italian custom shirtmaker who provide the perfect alchemy of traditional manufacturing and online expertise. We combine the excellence of heritage craftsmanship with digital innovation to offer customers the tools needed to create the perfect design for their unique needs.

Apposta was founded in 2011 by Gianmarco Taccaliti, a fourth-generation shirtmaker and Gianluca Mei, a tech entrepreneur. We make all of our shirts in a factory in the Marche region of Italy. The factory has working partnerships with some of the world’s best fabric suppliers which stretch back for generations.

On our journey we have won numerous accolades in our native Italy such as the Netcomm Ecommerce Award 2019 and the Italian Web Award – Best Ecommerce 2012. We were also nominated as finalists at the UK Ecommerce Awards 2018 and have been recognised as a European case of excellence for digital innovation in a traditional supply chain.

Our core values are: expertise, authenticity, craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and ensuring that we’re state of the art shirtmakers.


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