You can only understand Father’s Day when you become a father

Do you remember? When you were a kid all the holidays were your holidays. The holiday is now.

When you are small all your family members pass on happiness and joy to you.And of course you will be given enough sweets so that sweetness is always a memory from childhood holidays. By the time you grow up, you feel that as a man you no longer need that sweetness.

But, no matter how old, every father was once a sweet boy. A piece of candy will always make them happy and touched that there are still people who can remember the softest part of their memories.

Today we look at this classic confectionery brand that we hope will take your father back to his childhood memories.

Cadbury Gifts Direct is operated under licence from Mondelēz International by Hemingways Marketing Services Ltd. Hemingways is a specialist e-commerce and distribution company based in Ripon in the north of England. It’s association with the Cadbury brand spans fifty years and this long-standing relationship has led to many exclusive innovations including the creation of Cadbury’s biggest chocolate selection box – the famous Giant Selection Box and the personalisation of sleeves for Dairy Milk and Milk Tray brands. Hemingways is also responsible for the Green & Black’s website ( offering a range of indulgent, organic chocolate gifts for the consumer and corporate markets.


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