Circular economy and sustainable green living

Do you know who are the UK’s most popular experts on composters, recycling bins and food waste solutions?

This is EvenGreener!

Inspired by nature, we manufacture a selection of our range within the rolling hills of Yorkshire, using 100% recycled plastic and sustainable production methods to keep the environment at our core. Our diverse range of composters, water tanks and butts, food waste solutions, and recycling bins help fight climate change by transforming your household waste into valuable produce to shape an EvenGreener future for everyone.

We are leaders in waste management containers in the UK and Canada. For 20 years we have been producing water butts and compost bins in our local factory in Yorkshire.

Evengreener offers a wide selection of water butts and tanks, wall-mounted water butts, decorative waterbutts and space saving waterbutts, compost bins and food waste solutions to assist you in becoming #evengreener.

We are proud to supply our products to British households via our partnerships with local councils and private companies. Chances are you already have one of our food waste bins, composters, kerbside recycling boxes or water butts in your home.

Our best selling brands Blackwall, Rainsaver, Cloudburst and Harcostar are made in 100% of recycled plastic, collected by local authorities and industrials. These products are CO2 measured, designed with circular capabilities and made to last — offering you a 5-year or 7-year guarantee.


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