Choosing a gift for your favourite person

Do you want to surprise him, but some surprises are so cheesy that they may not be able to be made a surprise. Are you not sure what to choose when choosing a gift. Follow me through this website below, all the great things you can buy in Ireland are here.

For You is one of Ireland’s leading family run retailers for personalised gifts. Established in 2017, we have been supplying engraved, embroidered and printed products to thousands of satisfied customers. Savour each moment and commemorate every milestone with a gift that can translate your most heartfelt emotions.

Who We Are

Our story begins in 1998 when we first opened our independent family run Newsagents. By 2003, we were operating across two business locations with our new gift shop and greeting card boutique, winning a top retail honour at the County Business awards in 2017. Following 22 successful years, we started a new chapter exclusively moving online in 2019.

Bringing our grassroots approach to our online shop, we ensure the customer always comes first where you find staff passionate about customer service to help you pick the perfect gift.


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